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Traffic Light Diet

Healthy hair can only grow on a healthy scalp and a healthy scalp needs sufficient nutrients. Stress, environmental pollution and wrong food do not only cause trouble to the organs and skin but also hair and scalp are suffering.
We developed four drinks for four different types of nutrition so that your scalp is provided with sufficiently "good" food.

Here we were slightly inspired by the traffic light diet.

This diet says that each meal of the day should consist of four colours, that is, each meal should include green, red, yellow and blue food. Red food for example includes meat and fish, green food means vegetables and yellow includes wheat products.
So, on the whole it is just a balanced diet. Referring to Klaus Müller hair diet, the colours can be allocated to certain vitamins and mineral salt combinations which have an effect on the following hair and skin properties:

  • The red drink shall be taken for bad blood supply of the scalp.
  • The green drink shall be taken for fat skin and acne.
  • The yellow drink for hair loss (even after pregnancy).
  • The blue drink for dandruff and infections of the scalp.

With the help of various data your hairdresser can find out which substances your hair is missing and recommend you the suitable drink.
Moreover he shall be pleased to give you information on how various substances included in food affect your hair.
Basically we recommend to follow a balanced diet and to drink enough, your hair will be thankful.
If however your body does not need the nutrients, mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements supplied with the drink, they will be excreted without any side effects thanks to metabolism.

After six weeks, an improvement of the scalp will be achieved and already about three months after starting the application, your hair will show the full effect of the drink.


Green Diet Drink for your hair

 Haarernährung Drink Grün

Klaus Müller Green Diet Drink for your hair

Item No.: 053-500
Content: 250 ml


Red Diet Drink for your hair

 Haarernährung Drink Rot

Klaus Müller Red Diet Drink for your hair

Item No.: 054-500
Content: 250 ml 


Yellow Diet Drink for your hair

 Haarernährung Drink Gelb

Klaus Müller Yellow Diet Drink for your hair

Item No.: 051-500
Content: 250 ml


Blue Diet Drink for your hair

 Haarernährung Drink Blau

Klaus Müller Blue Diet Drink for your hair

Item No.: 052-5000
Content: 250 ml 



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