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Mandelöl und seine Nährstoffe für Haar und Haut. Im Mandelöl der Nutri-Repair-Kapseln sind vor allem Haar und hautnotwendige Bausteine wie Vitamin E. B2, und Folsäure, diese sind für die Erhaltung der Haarfarbe notwendig. Die Wirkstoffe Biotin Panthoten Vitamin B5 und Nicaim aus Mandelöl  erhalten die Markschicht im Haar und verhindern so das Austrocknen und die Splissbildung des Haares. Weiter sind im Mandelöl Minerale und Spurenelemente wie Magnesium, Calcium, Schwefel, Eisen, Zink und Jod enthalten.

 Nutri-Repair KM Reha Nutri-Repair

Art.-Nr.: 1004


Nutri Repair

Kapseln (40 Stück)


Reha Therapy Conditioner for coloured hair

Reha Therapy Conditioner for coloured hair protects against environmental damage and supports the moisture household of the scalp and hair. Caffeine supports the activity of the hair roots and treats the hair. Panthenol protects the dandruff layer and provides the hair with shine and silkiness. Tocopherol protects hair against free radicals.

 Reha Kur-Conditioner

KM Reha Conditioner
for coloured hair

Item No.: 1992
Content: 200 ml

Active substances: Caffeine, Panthenol, Gluadin WP, Paullinia Cupana Extract, Tocopherol.

Reha Hair Therapy Conditioner for coloured hair has a 3% portion of Ectoin and pure melanin as additive. Melanin is a Rodocreatid dye (The development happens in the body through Vitamin D3 + D6 and ProVitamin A). This melanin keeps hyaluronic acid soft and elastic in the skin. In hair Helix remains elastic and does not dry out. The natural as well as stored or added colour remains solid.


Reha Protein Therapy with Ectoin

Reha Protein Therapy is used once a month for permanent treatment. It restores the amino acids of hair which are consumed during a month and refills the hollow spaces between the Helix cells.

 Reha Protein-Aufbaukur mit Ectoin

KM Reha Protein Therapy with Ectoin
supports hair moisture

Item No.: 1994
Content: 200 ml

Active substances: Ectoin, Panthenol, Gluadin WP, Paullinia Cupana extract, Tocopherol.

Due to storage in Helix cells the elasticity of the hair is renewed. The dandruff layer is regenerated, and hair gets a beautiful, permanent shine.


Reha Keratin Therapy

The new further developed Reha Keratin therapy contains 5% of Ectoin. Ectoin is an amino acid that stands high temperatures and combines with normal hair amino acids. Ectoin is composed of little moisture binding molecules which stabilize natural biopolymers such as amino acids in the medulla layer, proteins in the fibre layer, Keratin in the dandruff layer by forming a moisture coat. Ectoin is a powerful UVA and light protection. Furthermore Ectoin protects hair against serious coldness in the winter. The medulla layer within the hair keeps longer. The longer the moisture is kept in the medulla layer, the more elastic the hair remains. (Normally the medulla layer dries out at 8 to 12 cm.)

 Reha Keratin-Aufbaukur mit Ectoin

KM Reha Keratin Therapy with Ectoin
for building up the hair structure

Item No.: 1995
Content: 200 ml

Active substances: Ectoin, Caffeine, Phantenol. 

When applying Reha Keratin Therapy with Ectoin regularly, split end formation of the hair will be considerably reduced, too.



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